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The Hadza Fund was founded in 2011 by Dr. Brian Wood and Dr. Herman Pontzer, researchers who have worked with the Hadza community for years to document and understand their way of life; it is our way of giving back.  Together with another Hadza researcher, Dr. David Raichlen, and board members Carla Wood, Michael Woltz and Lee McEachern, the Hadza Fund has been registered as a non-profit charitable organization since 2019.


We seek to promote and preserve Hadza culture by improving community health and documenting their way of life.  Specifically, we work with the Hadza community and with other Tanzanian partners to support Hadza health care costs over the short term while also identifying initiatives that will improve their health over the long term.  As researchers, we also believe that continued work documenting Hadza life ways is vital to the long term survival of their culture and will improve efforts to promote community health.

Mission Statement

Our goal is to support healthcare and research initiatives that improve the health of the Hadza people and promote a better understanding of their culture.  The Hadza Fund seeks to improve the health of the Hadza community by increasing access to and supporting the costs of medical care, and by supporting research that seeks to understand the context of Hadza health by documenting their way of life.

The Hadza Fund is a secular organization.

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