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Hadza Fund

Our Mission

protect HADZA health & culture

The Hadza people are a population of hunter-gatherers living in the Lake Eyasi region of northern Tanzania.  Their way of life dates back millennia, living off of the land by hunting wild game, collecting wild plants and honey, and sleeping in simple grass huts in the dry African savannah.

Injuries and illnesses that could be readily treated with basic medical attention can become life-threatening  in remote Hadza camps. The Hadza Fund works to improve access to health care for the Hadza community.

The Hadza Fund was founded by researchers studying the Hadza people's way of life. It is one of the ways we give back. We believe that thoughtful, responsible research helps us better understand and  ultimately protect the Hadza population & their culture.

The hadza community is resilient and generous. their way of life provides everything they need - except access to health care.

We work with the Hadza community to provide preventive care: 

health screenings, vaccines, and mosquito nets.

Hadza Fund also operates the Hadzabe Bush Ambulance, transporting the critically ill and injured from remote camps to regional hospitals & clinics. 

in partnership with the hadza community

The Hadza Fund was started by researchers working with the Hadza community for decades. We work in partnership with them to align our efforts with their priorities and vision for a sustainable future. 

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