Recent Projects

Since starting the Hadza Fund in 2011, we have raised nearly $10,000 to provide health screening and medical care to Hadza living in the Lake Eyasi Region. We thank everyone who donated and made the 2011 and 2012 fundraisers a success!

From June 2012-March 2013, our team, led by Nurse Ruth Matiyas, has carried out regular camp visits to all of the Hadza living in the Mangola area. During camp visits, Ruth and assistants provide health education to all, and seek to help diagnose or treat those Hadza with health challenges. When necessary, Ruth transports the sick to the Hhando Medical Clinic in Barazani or to regional hospitals, and the Hadza Fund picks up the bill for transport and patient expenses. Through these combined efforts, we have provided for the care and treatment of 51 patients. The conditions treated include STDs, broken bones, an ecotopic pregnancy, malaria, hepatitis, and TB. Our work has led to a greater awareness of the risks of HIV-transmission, and several Hadza have begun antiretroviral therapy supported by the Hadza fund.

From May-August of 2013, Dr. Brian Wood will be conducting a follow-up census of the Eastern Hadza, working hand-in-hand with Ruth in Mangola. Together, they will administer a survey to determine the most common illnesses and sources of mortality in the area. These research efforts will help us tailor future Hadza Fund projects to provide the most effective assistance.


Nurse Ruth Matiyas providing health care and information at a Hadza camp, 2011




We want to thank everyone who contributed during the 2012 Fundraiser!

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